Mangosteen Acai Berry Chemical Free Soap

Mangosteen Acai Berry Chemical Free Soap

I n recent years, there's been a lot of buzz about 'going green'. Part of that philosophy is using products that have less artificial ingredients and more natural ones. One of the hot topics in this debate is the use of chemical free soap or natural soap vs commercial soap. If you stop to think about it, soap is a huge part of our lives: we put it on our clothes and on our skin. Most of us use commercial soaps as opposed to pure and natural handmade soaps—chemical free soap—despite many people suffering from allergies to commercial soaps.


Chemical Free Pure All Natural Hand Made Soap
Chemical Free, Pure, Handmade Soap

When choosing a chemical free soap, the guidelines are easy: choose a product with ingredients that can be found in nature and are as pure as a Dove. As easy as this sounds, finding a chemical free soap in stores can be a daunting task! The reason is that it's not as profitable to manufacture pure and natural handmade soaps as it is to manufacture commercial soaps full of chemicals and fillers. Before you get too discouraged, I'll let you know of a fantastic chemical free soap that won't send you to the poorhouse and that's the mangosteen and acai bath and beauty bar from Natural Home Cures.


Chemical Free, Pure, All-Natural, Hand Made Soap
Chemical Free, Pure, Handmade Soap

In the world of natural soap vs commercial soap, many companies will tell you that they use ingredients superior to those found in chemical free soaps—simply not true. If that were true then why would so many people suffer from allergies to commercial soaps? They want to sell product and make money and pure, natural handmade soap, or chemical free soap, just isn't as cost effective.

Natural Home Cures is a business with a conscience, we sell pure and natural handmade soaps—chemical free soap—because we know how bad synthetic chemicals are for you! We want you to look and feel your best and we firmly believe that starts with a chemical free soap. Soap is so ubiquitous and used so much that if you're not using a chemical free soap you're not only at risk for developing chemical sensitivity, you're not providing your skin with the nourishment it needs to really shine.


Chemical Free Sodium Phosphate Free Soap
Sodium Phosphate

Fillers like sodium phosphate, sodium chloride and even alcohols are found in commercial soap. These chemicals seem innocuous enough but lets look at this a little deeper. First off, fillers are used to change the shape or consistency of soap to make it more marketable. Most commonly, fillers are used to add bulk so it seems like you're buying more soap than you actually are. Moreover, all the chemicals listed above dry out the skin. Contrast that with pure and natural handmade soaps which don't have a single ingredient that will dry your skin out.


Chemical Free Sodium Chloride Free Soap
Sodium Chloride

I'm sure you're all familiar with alcohol but you may not know that in chemistry alcohols are groups of hydrogen and oxygen bonded together which are joined to chains of carbon atoms and that these alcohols can take many different forms Pure and natural handmade soaps would never use an ingredient like alcohol simply because it's drying to the skin: chemical free soap really is the way to go.

Another ingredient I listed was sodium chloride—table salt. I'll concede that salt is a natural ingredient but you won't find it in a pure, natural handmade soap. Salt helps to bulk up soap and that tells you when looking at natural soap vs commercial soap it's important to understand that it's not just that pure and natural handmade soaps use non-toxic ingredients it's that pure and natural handmade soaps use only high-quality ingredients.

Sodium phosphate is the real horror show when it come to soaps. This ingredient is used as a herbicide and pesticide—it's poison! You'd never find this in a chemical free soap nor in a pure and natural handmade soap! It's no wonder so many people report allergies to commercial soap. So why add this ingredient? It makes soap produce more lather but does more bubbles justify using a known poison in your product? If commercial companies use sodium phosphate, allergies to commercial soap seems like it would be expected. Your body is naturally irritated by toxins, after all. If you still aren't sold on using chemical free soap take a look at some of the ingredients in the acai and mangosteen bath and beauty bar - a pure and natural handmade soap: Natural Home Cures' mangosteen and acai bath and beauty bar really is a wonderful product. It's top of the line as far as pure and natural handmade soaps go and it's quite luxurious. I hope I've impressed upon you the importance of using a chemical free soap! Once you use a pure and natural handmade soap like the mangosteen and acai bath and beauty bar, you won't want to use anything else!

Meet Ryan Seggie Of Alberta Canada - Geologist In A Coal Mine Looking For A Chemical Free Soap.

Ryan Seggie

I have been searching in vain for a handmade, all-natural, chemical-free industrial strength soap that does not leave my skin dry, tight, itchy or irritated. You see, I have ultra sensitive skin and almost everything on the market is too caustic for me that I simply can not use it.

What makes this even more challenging is the fact I am a Geologist working in a coal mine and this means I have to bath several times a day using industrial strength soap.
I decided to try the All-Natural, Handmade, Chemical Free Natural Home Cures Mangosteen Acai Berry Soap. The soap smells divine, lathers up luxuriously, cleans without stripping my skin of oils nor is my skin left dry, tight or itchy.

Your soap even does a better job that the most caustic industrial commercial strength cleaning soaps on the market. Not only for me but my friend who is a heavy duty mechanic always working around oils and grime; even baked on dirt and grime is no match, as it simply washes right off of him without the need of ever scrubbing.

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